Be Still

Playing around with one side of the “Love is Spoken Here” transfer and decided to try out a black canvas I had purchased from a big box craft store. Over simplified? Perhaps. But I was just looking to test my skills and see how tricky it would be to apply to canvas, in general. {It was not tricky at all — in case you were wondering!

I started with just applying a portion of the words to the canvas using our white chalkology paste.

Because of the size of my canvas, to finish with the remainder of the words from the transfer would have involved a great deal of finagling. So, I opted for a simple and sweet alternative – a grouping of flowers.

Outside of drying time and chalk color choice time, this entire project probably took no more than 15 minutes – including cleaning the transfers and squeegees.

Products Used:

You can click any of the links above to purchase the products directly or can contact me and I’ll gladly assist you with your project needs.

Enjoy the Journey – May Club Couture

I’ve had the opportunity to play with the May Club Couture transfer, and, boy, is it a beauty! This whimsical beach-bike is all the rage right now. I’m seeing them on decor pieces everywhere, and even the full-size version for sale in Walmart!

Here’s my take on it  – as seen on the 9×12 Aiden chalkboard. I added some ombre shading in the lettering and opted for a decidedly simple basket arrangement.

The transfer comes with all sorts of detail pieces that makes for a well thought out design, no matter the colors you choose or the amount of detail you utilize.

I put together a short video featuring some of the steps I used to arrive at the finished project.

How can i get this transfer?

This is part of our Club Couture line and will be available May 1st.
You can reserve your own transfer in advance with my Club Couture kit. Check out the Club Couture page to learn more or visit my VIP group on Facebook.

Products used:

  • “Enjoy the Journey” – May Club Couture transfer — Not Available yet
  • White and Bubble Gum Chalkology paste (bike and words)